About LiLiCoCo


Hi there,
The first entry will be the introduction to my blog-LiLiCoCo. LiLiCoCo, the heading of my blog, is a term spoken in Taiwanese, and it indicates something covers a variety of issues. As I would like to explore different topics in my blog, I decide to use LiLiCoCo as the heading of my blog. In the following part, I would like to quick introduce myself. Shortly!

My name is Yi-Jui. I am from Taiwan, and doing the MA Education and Technology program. I love music and movies, and enjoy traveling and reading as well. Besides, I am crazy about chocolate and bubble milk tea. If you are interested in those things, don’t hesitate to share information with me. All right, let’s get to the point. In this blog, I would like to share everything I like in my life such as a fantastic trip, a lovely exhibition, an interesting trivia and so on. Of course, sometimes it could be a journal or article that inspired me a lot as well.

BTW, I have to say if there are any mistakes about grammar or typo here in my blog, I apologize in advance. Hope you enjoy my blog


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