Freezing Outside?!!

As a student who lives in a dorm, yes, I have to share the kitchen with the other students. Of course, the bathrooms as well…… However, it is not exactly bad to share the kitchen actually coz sometimes you can chat with others, which is quite nice. But there is only a tiny tiny tiny problem which is to share the fridge. Everyone in the kitchen only has one shelf of the fridge. So, obviously you can not grasp foods in the Tesco, Waitrose, and M&S etc. as much as you like. Yes, only one shelf.

This is the fridge in my kitchen and all the shelves are full and mine as well. Yet, guess what. We find the solution.

It is always really interesting to walk outside. See! Here is the solution!

I think that is a jam-jar on the left hand of this photo but I have no idea about the others.

These are some bottles and milk.

A plastic bag with foods and milk again.

I guess that is a bottle of milk covered by a plastic bag?

A yogurt? I guess.

This one is the most difficult to find. ha~ I think it is something like pudding or jelly.

Now, I do keep some foods outside on my windowsill, which is really convenience. To me, this is a novel solution because in Taiwan (subtropical climate) we cannot do that at all. Therefore, in conclusion, if you do not have enough space to keep the foods, this is a fascinated idea to keep foods even though there are still some risks……


However, it is still a good idea to me.
Have a LOVELY weekend : ]


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