Taking Pictures of Food

Since I came to the UK, I have taken some pictures of food as the following:


Yes, I love taking pictures of food and the majority of my friends as well. In Asian culture, we take it for granted and enjoy the fun of taking pictures. However, this Christmas vacation I went to Germany and some of my German friends asked me why you Asians always take pictures of food before you guys eat them. Suddenly, I realize this kind of behavior is not common (or a bit strange) for the western people. Well, it is a very interesting question and to be honest, I never think about it before my friends asked me. Now, let me tell you my answer.

In Chinese culture, food is the first and foremost priority in life (because of the history and geographic location). In Chinese, there is a slang ‘民以食為天’ [mín yǐ shí wéi tiān] to demonstrate the importance of food. Besides, Xun Jiang, one of the famous writers in Taiwan, also mentions that traditional Taiwanese food links to Taiwanese memory. Its colours, tastes and flavours can recall one’s great memory which he has spent with his relatives or friends. To us, food is not just food. It can represent our feeling at that moment and keeps the memory of the moment. In addition, we build up good relationship with family, friends, and other people etc. by having meals and we will have a nice meal to keep and memorize each event.

For instance, the pictures you see above are taken by me and each picture has a story. For example, the central picture is the first Taiwanese cuisine I made in the UK (when I was in Taiwan, I don’t cook actually XD), and the left-centre one is the first English afternoon tea (the UK must-do written in the guide). So, in order to keep the memory, we take pictures of food. However, we don’t take tinctures without meaning. We only take pictures of food which are meaningful to us.


2 thoughts on “Taking Pictures of Food

  1. Well, no, not strange to me…I also take pictures of food and the surroundings around the food and sometimes the signs around the food…I don’t think it’s strange at all. As a matter of fact I think of it as a particular genre and I congratulate you on your pictures…a very interesting post – thansk you…

    • I’m so glad you like it and it is really good to know that it is not strange to you (because at first I thought that might be culture differences or something ) 😀
      thank you for your comment~

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